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To all Marcella's family we offer our deepest sympathy on her passing. May she rest in peace.

Joan & John Downey

2019-04-19 19:31:28

We are so sorry to learn of Marcella's passing. Please know you are all in our thoughts and prayers at this sad time. God Bless. Pete, Shirley and Lisa.

Peter, Shirley and Lisa Byrne

2019-04-19 23:56:23

Marcella touched the lives of many as a nurse, a friend and wonderful woman. All of us who knew her are better off for it. Rest in peace.

Harold Davis

2019-04-20 09:39:31

Dear Alicia, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you celebrate the life and death of Marcella . What a wonderful legacy she leaves behind in terms of her dedication in her nursing career. You have been so faithful to her during her times of illness. Blessings, Margie (Taylor)

Sr. Margie Taylor

2019-04-20 15:02:09

My sympathy to all the family, As you know Alicia and I have know one another"s families for 60 years so I join with you all in this time of grief. I know that Marcella is resting in peace, Blessings, Loretta

Loretta Chafe

2019-04-20 16:41:44

Dear Alicia and Family, please accept our deepest condolences at the passing of your sister Marcella. Harvey & Mary Locke

Mary & Harvey Locke

2019-04-20 18:47:51

Sorry to hear of Marcella's passing.She was good to all of use and put up with our pranks and friends that came to visit at 401.We must of drove you nuts on times.Thank you Marc for all you done. Rest in peace.

Maureen & Eddie

2019-04-21 15:41:53

Chris and Harry, So sorry for the loss of your sister. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time. Nada & Bruce

Nada Borden

2019-04-21 20:47:20

The Linehan Family, Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this sad time. May you rest in peace Marcella.

Margie, Joey Corrigan & Family

2019-04-22 11:38:43

I would like to express my condolence to the entire family on the passing of Marcella. Having known many family members over the years I know how close your relationships were with each other and Marcella and I know she has passed on to her greater reward in heaven. May God be with you all in this time of sorrow.

Frank Walsh

2019-04-22 12:09:51

Linehan Family I was saddened to read of Miss Linehan's passing. I knew her from the Old General Hospital as she was my supervisor. I always admired her quiet calmness and gentle voice. She was certainly a lady who cared about her patients and staff. God Bless

Ruby Kelly

2019-04-22 14:04:56

Condolences to the Linehan famiy. I was a nursing colleague of Marcella for many years at the "old General" and the Health Sciences. She was one of the first nursing leaders in the province to achieve advanced education. She was a mentor to me and to many. Marcella was one of our leaders and many of us benefited from her knowledge; her sense of duty and her quiet determination to support and promote excellence in nursing practice and patient care. May she rest in peace. Pat Pilgrim

Pat Pilgrim

2019-04-22 17:14:03

Sincere condolences to all Marcella's family I have fond memories from childhood visiting the Linehan home as a lot of the school children did in Colinet. Rest in peace Marcella and thanks for your kindness Beth Wade

Beth Wade and Ray Wade

2019-04-22 18:25:57

Aunt Marce, you may have not had your own children but you have passed on lessons to your nieces and nephews. From you I have learned the value in looking and doing your best every day, you always looked amazing and put in the time to care for yourself, doing yoga, having fun with your friends playing bridge and taking much needed vacations. You taught me the value of being a life long learner, how to drive a standard and to make my bed every morning after I got up, it starts your day off on the right foot. And, because of you I always have a can of Cream of Mushroom soup in my pantry, ready to make a meal out of almost anything. Sorry I can't be there to celebrate your life with everyone in person, but know that your memory and lessons live on and will be passed down. Love Andrea St. Albert, AB

Andrea Black (Linehan)

2019-04-22 18:54:24

On behalf of the General Hospital School of Nursing, please accept our deepest condolence at Marcella's passing. Marcella was an active member of the Alumni for many years and made a significant contribution. Her name will be recorded in the deceased graduates' Memorial Book and she will be remembered in the annual roll call at the Alumni dinner in October. Sincerest sympathy, Jeanette Walsh for Robert Meadus, President, General Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association

General Hospital School of Nursing Alumni

2019-04-22 19:33:42

Our deepest condolences to the Linehan family on the loss of your precious sister, Marcella. God bless to all, may she rest in peace.

Butch & Callista

2019-04-22 19:42:30

Sad to hear of Marcella’s death. She was the Wonder Woman as well a as a wonderful example of giving and not counting the cost. I remember her for her generousity and love of family first and how they could always count on her wisdom, caring and good sense . She was my friend and always made me feel welcome to the family. I think of her often and know she will be remembered and cherished by all who knew her. My deepest sympathy to her loving family.

Angela Otto

2019-04-22 20:01:15

Chris and all Marcella’s family, Thoughts, prayers and condolences to you all on Marcella’s passing. Your sorrow is felt in many places in Newfoundland as Marcella touched the lives of so many. She will be missed. Joan Peddle

Joan Peddle

2019-04-22 20:46:39

Many people have lost a good friend and genuine person with the passing of Marcella.I knew Marcella at the "Old General"and later on was fortunate to be one of her "Bridge Buddies.She was a woman of Faith and loved by many.My Sympathies to her Family.Betty Barrett.

Betty C.Barrett

2019-04-22 21:05:26

To all Marcella’s family and friends: Deepest condolences on the loss of your loved one. I remember Marcella well and her pleasing personality. God Bless! Carmelita Butland Bruce and Family

Carmelita Butland Bruce

2019-04-22 21:07:01

My thoughts and prayers are with Marcella’s family today as you mourn the loss of a beautiful spirit. I knew Marcella as a proud RN, strong and professional but also loving and kind to everyone she met. She knew “everything” about nursing and as a young nurse she was my go to person. We had many long and rewarding conversations about what it meant to be a good nurse. Her spirit will live on in everyone she touched.. she will be missed. Sandra

Sandra MacDonald

2019-04-23 09:26:00

To the family of Marcella ,please accept my condolences on the passing of Marcella . We were classmates at the General Hospital School Of Nursing ,1955 B . We were also travelling companions in later years ,with many vacations to Florida ,also Spain and Portugal . May she Rest In Peace .

Geneva Crowell

2019-04-23 10:24:54

To the Linehan Family SO sorry to hear of Marcellas passing Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. Mary and Jim Picco Mississauge Ont.

Mame@Jim Picco

2019-04-23 11:45:06

To all the Linehan Family, Please accept my deepest condolences on the passing of Marcella. I will never forget her kindness to me in the early 1980's giving me rides to MUN from Colinet. She was an amazing person. May your pleasant memories help carry you in your time of grief. Sincerely, Kenny

Kenneth Pieroway

2019-04-23 13:09:48

Please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of Marcella. Marcella opened her doors to lots of people from Colinet, who moved to St.John's, to continue their education at post-secondary schools. She was considered a mother-away-from-home. Parents knew that as long as their son or daughter was staying with Marcel, they were in good hands. I'm certain that those who did stayed with her have many awesome and wonderful stories they could share. She was such a kind and generous human being. Memories will comfort and love lives on forever. May God richly bless you, Marcella. "As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death". Leonardo DaVinci. With warm thoughts and prayers!

Sharon Lundrigan-McCrate (Calgary AB)

2019-04-23 15:03:52

We were saddened to hear of Marcella’s passing.I knew her from the General Hospital as a great nurse, always very professional very kind and a good friend also a member of our bridge club for many years.Our thoughts & prayers are with the Linehan family at this sad time.May she Rest In Peace.????????

Jean Ellis

2019-04-23 17:30:58

To Marcella's family, I was saddened to hear of Marcella's passing. She was indeed a beautiful lady and I will remember her always. She was my supervisor at the Health Sciences Center many years ago and indeed a mentor to me over the years. May she rest in peace. Marilyn Rabbitts

Marilyn Rabbitts

2019-04-23 20:57:51

Please accept condolences. I knew Marcella as a mentor and colleague at the "old general, HSC and in later years at Memorial University School of Nursing. We had many discussions about nursing and nursing students. Her quiet demeanour allowed her to express her opinions in a way that was respected by me and many others. May she rest in peace.

Donna Best

2019-04-24 09:20:13

We say farewell to another of Colinet's very memorable people with the passing of Marcel. Many of us, aside from her family and close friends, who had the privilege of being a part of Marcel's space, even for a short time, undoubtedly felt a kinship in her accepting and unassuming manner. Marcel's nature was further exemplified in her generous nature and her willingness to lend a listening ear. Those who Marcel touched, even in the briefest way, have been blessed. We are grateful for her life.

Bernice (Lundrigan) Dinn

2019-04-24 15:33:51

My sincere condolences to Marcella’s family. Marcella was a mentor to me in various roles at the Health Sciences Centre and a big supporter of me continuing to pursue higher education in health. Quiet and gentle, but always thoughtful, determined, and supportive. Always thankful for her sage advice. Rest In Peace.

Neala Gill

2019-04-24 19:33:49

My sincere condolences on Marcella’s passing. Seemed all Colinet breathed easier when she was home for a weekend or a holiday. We had our own private community nurse ???????. She gave her services so selflessly to anyone in the community who required them. I can remember my mother saying “Thank God Marcella is home”. She has surely gained her entry into God’s Kingdom. Rest In Peace Marcella.

Bernice Davis Rodway

2019-04-24 21:16:52

Carmel and Mildred and all the Linehan family please accept our condolences on the loss of your sister. I knew Marcella from doing Nursing University courses with her. I remember once I had to submit a final paper, and I must have been working and I had to have it in by 4PM, I was scared to death, so I called her and said Ms. Linehan you might be gone by the time I get to your office. Well she was so understanding she said 'just drop it in the slot for mail @ my door @ home, I couldn't believe it cause I had not done that before as a student ,I was scared it would wrinkle or not reach her, I told her about it after and she got a great 'chuckle' out of that. I also knew Marcella form the Health Science when I worked there and I remember her as been such a lady and always been so professional. Those Nurses were one of a kind -hard working , professional and always had room for a Smile. Rest in Peace Marcella.

Agnes and Andy Careen

2019-04-24 22:26:05

Was so sad to hear the news of Aunt Marce’s passing last week and equally as sad not to be there yesterday and today to celebrate her life. Like a lot of other people - Aunt Marce’s place was my go to place for basketball tournaments and camps, summer jobs in St. John’s etc. I ended up spending a lot of time with Aunt Marce - meeting up for supper at Pasta Plus and quality time chatting while I polished her silver and driving back and forth from colinet to St .John’s which was “interesting” if not scary at times lol!!!...I always loved Aunt Marce’s stories of her job, her girl trips and those bridge games....she always had something going on. Thinking about it now I might be a bit like her :)! You will be missed Aunt Marce - and to all those celebrating her life today - I am thinking of you! Love Jan


2019-04-25 14:04:58

Rest in peace Marcella. Thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Roz Budden

2019-04-27 18:24:15

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