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COVID-19 Update – March 31, 2020

The Department of Health have cancelled all wakes, visitations and funeral services. Only private viewings of five immediate family members are permitted prior to burial or cremation. Private graveside services are permitted with five immediate family members and one clergy present.

To comply with social distancing policies and because we have very limited staff, Dunphy’s will be conducting the majority of our arrangement conferences over the telephone and online to reduce the time families spend in the actual funeral home office.

Front view of Dunphy's funeral home

We serve all families with dignity and care.

Dunphy's Funeral Home located at 366 Conception Bay Highway, Holyrood.

Dunphy's Funeral Home had its beginnings three generations ago. It began with Michael C. Dunphy in 1892. He was approached by families to build a casket for their loved ones on an as-needs basis.  Over time he he began providing transportation of the deceased to the church and then to the cemetery. At the time, a wake was held in the deceased's home.

William J. Dunphy became the second generation undertaker and together with his wife, Marjorie, in 1970 opened Conception Bay Centre's first funeral home in which to wake their loved ones. By 1980 there was such a demand for the facility that an extension to the funeral home was constructed.

In 1996, Kenneth M. Dunphy succeeded William and now operates the business with the help of his sister, Barbara, a graduate of Kingstec College in Nova Scotia, and his brother, William Jr., who does the behind the scenes end of the operation. In 1998, a major construction saw the funeral home grow and again in 2002, another addition was added. Now Dunphy's Funeral Home can offer its clients a very modern setting in which to create a loving farewell for their loved ones.

Dunphy’s aim is that "every family is treated as if they were a part of our own family."

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