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Kelly I m so sorry that David passed, just as everything was perfect for you, God Bless you and Abigail,Godspeed to.Dsvid

Doreen Power

2020-05-24 16:58:28

Ahh kelly. Sad news. My condolences to your and your family..

Geraldine Healey

2020-05-24 17:03:32

We were good Friends growing up A lot fun Sorry to here about Dave Rose You are in my thaughts

Dave corrigan Vancouver island

2020-05-24 17:29:27

Kelly it’s been a long time since lve seen you and David.Just recently heard the great news of your daughter and can’t even begin thinking of what you must be going thru with the loss of the “love of your life”.Wish l could be there to try and console you but with this pandemic that’s impossible.Let it be known that you and your little angel are in my thoughts.

Valerie Bishop

2020-05-24 19:50:00

Kelly and Lill,so sorry to hear of David’s passing...Kelly you have your beautiful little girl to help you get through this terrible time in your life...God bless you...

Virginia and Jim Myers

2020-05-24 20:26:28

So sorry to hear of David's passing! HE was one very nice person. Sad that he left us way too early!RIP David.

Bern Hickey

2020-05-24 20:31:38

Kelly, so sorry to hear of the passing of David. Our thoughts are with you and Abigail. Barb and Joe Elliott & family.

Barb Elliott

2020-05-24 20:36:00

Kelly,Abigail and family. We are so sorry to hear about David’s passing. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Crystal & Shawn Flynn

Crystal Flynn

2020-05-24 21:13:10

Kelly,Abbey and all the Power family!Our deepest sympathy on David's passing!David was such a quiet and wonderful young man!Kelly,your courage and strength have gone above and beyond for David especially in his last days!He is watching over you and Abbey now!I know you have lots of special memories with him and Abbey that you will hold close to your heart forever!Love Barbara!


2020-05-24 21:34:10

To the Power & Flynn families. So sorry for you loss. May God keep you all in his tender care.

Cathy Corbett-Mullett

2020-05-24 21:45:19

Our sincere condolence to all of Davids family and friends. May his soul rest in peace.

Frank and Agnes O'Flaherty

2020-05-24 22:23:17

Kelly, Abigail , the Power & Flynn Families so sorry to hear of Dave’s passing. May he Rest In Peace. Terry & Ann Corbett

Terry & Ann Corbett

2020-05-24 22:24:22

Thoughts and Prayers with you Kelly on the passing of David; may he rest in the peace of Christ. God Bless you, his treasured daughter Abigail, and all the other members of David's family.

Colette Fleming

2020-05-25 00:09:38

Kelly. Just saw David's death announcement. So, so very sad. He was a special man who loved you and Abigail dearly. My condolences to you and the family. Keep his memory alive in your heart. Abigail will help you, for sure. He is no longer in pain. Fly with the angels, my friend.

Mary Neil

2020-05-25 00:27:31

I’m very saddened to hear of David’s passing, my sincere condolences to you Kelly and your beautiful little girl, Abigail! Condolences as well to David’s mother Rose, his brothers, his grandmother and his extended family. I Pray you all will get through this difficult time in your lives. Fly with the Angels David, you’ve earned your wings!

Kay Mason

2020-05-25 05:03:52

Rose, Kelly and all other immediate family members: please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of David. My heart felt sympathy also goes out to all other extended family members during this sad time in their lives. May he rest in peace.

Irene Rahman-Whittle

2020-05-25 06:33:33

Sorry to hear of David's passing. RIP. May God help you through this time

Ronald Jones

2020-05-25 10:02:59

Dear Kelly, Lillian and family. So sorry to hear of David’s death. While I didn’t get to know him, I’m sure this has to be a great loss especially that you just had Abigail. Know that my thoughts are with you and that I will remember him and all of you in my prayers.God bless you all and may David Rest In Peace.

Patricia Corbett

2020-05-25 10:17:17

Kelli,Abigail Flynn&Power Families our deepest condolences at this sad time.Our thoughts and prayers are with you.Cherish the precious moments you had together.May God Bless you all! Paddy & Marie Gorman

Marie Gorman

2020-05-25 10:57:50

On behalf of myself and my mother I would like to offer heartfelt condolences to the Power and Flynn families at this difficult time. Each time over the years I spoke with David his kindness and quiet nature always did shine through. He was taken from us much too early. May he Rest in Peace.

Clary and Ann Mason

2020-05-25 13:10:56

Rose and family. I didn’t know your son but I’m sending my deepest condolences to you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this very sad time. Love Aunt Mary. Xo

Mary Pitcher

2020-05-25 13:20:25

Kelly, Abigail, Power & Flynn families. Our sincere condolences on David’s passing. Thinking of you. Hold on to your special memories to help you through.

Martin & Linda Moore

2020-05-25 13:23:33

Our deepest condolences Kelly on the loss of your husband. Take care of yourself and your beautiful little girl, Paula & Earl Flynn

Paula/ Earl Flynn

2020-05-25 13:37:54

Kelly and family. We are so sorry to hear of David’s passing. Keep his memories close to your heart. May he Rest In Peace. Darlene Ryan’ & John Murphy

Darlene Ryan

2020-05-25 14:23:14

Kelly, Abigail and everyone in Davids family, my sincere condolences. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Doug Walsh

2020-05-25 14:56:46

Good morning! My name is Elsy U. I would like to offer my sincere condolences for the death of your loved one. I know that losing a loved one is one of the most agonizing pains that a human being can experience. Hence an important question arises .. "will we see our loved ones who have fallen asleep in death"? The bible says in John 5 (28 ~ 29) "The hour is coming when all those who are in the graves will hear his voice and come out." The words of this biblical text give us a well-founded hope to see again our loved ones who have fallen asleep in death through RESURRECTION. In the past God already resurrected human beings, the bible mentions 8 cases of people who died and were resurrected. To mention a case "Lazarus the friend of Jesus" John 11 (39 ~ 44) These biblical accounts guarantee us that there will be Resurrection. Coping with grief is not easy, but knowing that Jehovah will soon give a solution through the Resurrection of our loved ones, is something that will give you strength and courage to overcome pain. If you want to know more you can consult our website jw.org or write to my email which is: vurbina020@gmail.com


2020-05-25 15:05:26

Sorry for your loss, May his gentle soul R.I.P. Amen..

Teresa Kennedy

2020-05-25 18:35:43

So very sorry to hear of David's passing. I had the pleasure of working with David many years ago and to this day I remember his quite unassuming manner, his love of music and writing songs. I know he will be in your hearts forever. Rest in Peace David.

Carol Ann Cantwell

2020-05-25 19:57:06

Rose sending my condolences to you and your family. Thinking of you, when I read his name a tear trickled down my eyes known how much you loved him then and now you have to part with him. May you find comfort knowing that In God we trust our sorrows he will lessen and heal as we can smile with happy tears that we are all reborn in a happy memory after sad times. Hugs Rose Power.

Doreen Moore

2020-05-25 22:00:55

Kelly My heart is breaking for you You know how much I loved my honey David I also know what a strong person you are It will be very hard but you will get through this You have a beautiful little girl to tell all about her dad who will be watching over you both My thoughts & prayers are with you all Maureen& Tom Woodford

Maureen Woodford

2020-05-25 22:37:25

Our deepest sympathy to all family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

Terry and Ann Wade

2020-05-25 22:54:10

Thoughts and prayers to the family of David. Sorry to hear of his passing.

Joe & Roxanne woodford

2020-05-26 00:13:46

My sincere condolences are extended to Kelly & all Members of the Flynn. Curran, Power & White Families during this difficult time . God speed .

Bernice & Hubert Wall

2020-05-26 09:02:47

Sincere condolences to the Flynn and Power family on your loss. May he rest in peace

Madeline Costello

2020-05-26 10:39:26

Rip David. Fly high my friend fly high. God bless your family.

Bertha Hawco

2020-05-26 11:45:13

Sending condolences to Kelly,Rose and David's extended families.So very saddened to hear of David's passing yet glad to hear that David got to share the joy of being a Daddy. Abigail came along so late in your lives for a reason. I'm sure you have lots of fond memories of the special person he was to share with your little angel.Praying that God will give you the strength to get through the difficult days ahead. God Bless Joyce Kieley

Joyce Kieley

2020-05-26 15:09:22

RIP David my prayers go out to you and your family !

Tyrone Flannigan

2020-05-26 21:22:03

Sincere condolences to the Flynn and Power Families on your loss.Please know you are all in our thoughts and prayers. Joan&Raymond


2020-05-27 08:58:31

We wanted to send our sincere condolences to the Flynn and Power families at this very difficult time. Please cherish all your wonderful memories. Please know that we are thinking of you all.

Robert & Lucille Wall

2020-05-27 21:18:43

My condolence to the family, especially to his mother Rose Power. I will always remember David as a very caring, and charismatic fellow. We always had a hello going in a gate and going out a gate. Well David I know the gates of heaven are welcoming you. Fly high and RIP.

Patti M McGrath

2020-05-28 21:21:16

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